Planet32 Slot Racing World Championship 1/32 - 2019 Most, Czech Republic.

The race was open to all slot cars producer, and there was cars from many of the most important manufacturer of slot cars (as NSR, Scaleauto, Sideways).

Podium GT AM:
1 Vladmir Basák (NSR MERCEDES)
2 Andrea Noviello (NSR MERCEDES)
3 Daniel Hameta (NSR CORVETTE C7)

Podium GT PRO:
1 Andrea Noviello (NSR MERCEDES)
2 Daniele Malangone (NSR MERCEDES)
3 Vincenzo Naddeo (NSR MERCEDES)

NSR at the top of the WORLD!!!! All cars on the podium are NSR!!!
Just to remind who is the BEST slot car manufacturer in the world of slot cars!
NSR is another time WORLD CHAMPION!!!

This is the result of 100% Made in Italy, professional slot cars, amazing racing and technical job, and best quality in the world!!!

Choose the best, choose the quality, choose the racing, choose NSR

Special thanks for the amazing job to NSR Racing Team:

Andrea Noviello - Daniele Malangone - Vincenzo Naddeo.

And now the General Manager of NSR, Andrea Noviello, is WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Photo of the race:

Information and results on Planet32 website: http://most-open.simplesite.com/